I’m Samantha.  I’m a current stay-at-home mama to a fabulous three-year-old daughter, and former/future Children’s Librarian.  As a librarian, the majority of my job was to help people find answers — to ANY questions they had.  And, since becoming a mother, I know firsthand just how many questions a new parent may have.  Like, about everything.

So, that’s what this is all about.  Those questions that come up on a daily basis.  I will do my best to present resources (websites, books or the like) that are reliable and relevant and will help parents find the answers they seek.  Whether you are worried about the plastic in your son’s sippy cup, need book suggestions for your three-year-old daughter, or want to find a place to score some free museum passes for those rainy days (hint, hint: possibly your local library!), I will try to answer those questions.

Also, I love to read children’s and teen literature.  And I love to research.  So this works for everyone.