Books about Bullying, Teasing and Just Being Yourself

Time is flying for me.  My niece recently finished her first year of kindergarten.  My daughter will be starting up preschool in a few short months.  I can’t believe all the babies in my life are becoming school-age children! And with school, as many parents and educators know, comes a whole new set of experiences … More Books about Bullying, Teasing and Just Being Yourself


While walking down the street the other day, I passed a little girl walking with her dad. The dad was belting out “Let it Go” (from Frozen, of course…and let me interject that it is completely adorable what little ones can get their dads to do). But the thing that struck me was that this little … More #WeNeedDiverseBooks

Books for Dad

With Father’s Day swiftly approaching, I wanted to share some books that take a look at fatherhood.  Some are sweet, a few are informative, most are funny… and all of them would make great gifts for that special guy in your life, whether he is a soon-to-be, new or seasoned father. Books for Dad: Handy … More Books for Dad