Summer Safety

With Spring Break upon us (and the Summer season following not far behind), pools, beaches and (hopefully for my East Coast friends) sunny days are in our near future.  Because it is my goal to help everyone live safe, healthy and happy lives, I thought I would start on that quest by highlighting some of the … More Summer Safety


One of my biggest concerns before having my first baby was vaccinations.  It’s an important one to think about before your baby makes their grand debut because the doctor will start trying to poke your kid with a needle pretty much immediately after birth; so understanding what’s happening is important.  There is so much debate out there … More Vaccinations

Car Seat Safety

I start this post with a reminder… I am ABSOLUTELY not here to shame anyone.  I just know that car seat safety is important, and the rules change constantly as new research comes out, and new carseats are made. I know that when I first had my daughter, the laws stated that kids stay rear-facing until age … More Car Seat Safety

Danger! Danger! Plastics!

I know you’ve probably all seen it.  Some of the latest news to throw all us mamas and papas into a downward-worry-spiral… apparently even BPA-free plastics appear to have the potential to be harmful to our bodies. “The Scary New Evidence on BPA-Free Plastics” from Alright.  Well.  Hmm.  I know that in my cupboard … More Danger! Danger! Plastics!